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March Morning

I am setting in my Office this March morning typing out this Blog for you all. This is a typical morning for me by being in the office. On my mind right at this moment is about some of those things that I hoped to arrive earlier this week so that I could include it in one of my videos. So that means I have to wait and begin a different project. Which is alright because I know from past experiences that it was meant to be and it will all work out in the end.

Even though it feels like Spring in the air, reality hits when we receive more snow. Showing us that we are still in our New England Winter. So, I have decided to cooperate with the weather and continue with the season projects and assignments.

In the meantime, I plan to continue filming more about interiors, garden projects and assignments, along with other interesting things along the way. I find it refreshing to go back and look at all of my accomplishments while planning ahead. So, today I share with you all my recent video on just that. Interesting projects, assignments including Houseplants, decorating and designing with Accessories, Collectibles, Fabrics, Books . .

(Click on the photo for more). Also, consider subscribing to my House & Gardens Channel for more. Note: more videos planned for Curtis Gardens & Garden Reply.

Have a wonderful day!

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